Whiskey Roots - Episode 3!


To tide you over until the third episode of JayDotting Best of 2012 is released, we've got a very special Whiskey Roots ..... WALKER EDITION!  True to form, Walker couldn't stand Jason having the spotlight for even one damn second!  He put together an amazing rendition of Wasting My Time by Harry Nilsson, pounded some Bulleit Bourbon, and CLAIMED TO HAVE INVENTED WHISKEY ROOTS!!!

Outrageous claims aside, this is an amazing interpretation of Wasting My Time, including a masterful mouth horn solo.  Strap in and enjoy!  (Watch the performance here and compare against here)

Today's whiskey is: bulleit bourbon.
Camera work by V.



HILARIOUS! CONFESSIONAL! DISGUSTING! BANAL! - the onion av club on JayDotting best of 2012 Part Two

Listeners get ready: it's the episode you've been waiting for with baited breath ... part two of the now THREE PART best of JayDotting best of 2012 countdown!!!! 

Indulge your craving for more of Dot's sweet pontifications about JayWalking clips from days past!  After a slow dumb burn about animals, we jump right into listener favorite would-pids, bro-code, change-ups, and further deconstruct Jason's narcissistic selfie. 

You didn't pay for the whole seat to this show but you'll only need to have not paid for the edge!

Whiskey Roots - Episode 2!


Just in time for the new year, it's another episode of whiskey roots!  2013 has had it's ups and downs, and as it's end nears we consider the nearing of ends.  Bury your face in your hands and celebrate and lament all your sins and failures ... Jason style!  Put aside Walker's beef with her and enjoy this achingly beautiful tune (On a Good Day) by Joanna Newsome, brought to the attention of the podcast by non-listener Chloe F!  

Today's whiskey is Candian Club.

Today's episode was recorded while drunk and melancholy.

Watch the performance here and compare against here!



Ladies and gentlemen nothing like this has ever happened in JayWalking history!!! Just in time for the holiday season (and a great travel aide for all the time you'll be spending on planes, trains, and with your dumb families) comes the FIRST EVER EPISODE OF JAYDOTTING!!!!  

Listen is shocked amazement as we finally hear more from the heretofore elusive 'Dot' character! Lend your ear to her take on everything from the right amount of manscaping to which pids she would!  This incredible content is merely PART ONE of the TWO PART HOLIDAY EPIC!!!

Walker is put is his place!  Jason attempts to justify his shirtless selfie!  Dot has the last word on all issues!  Listen upon her works and despair .... JAYDOTTING!

JayWalking Ep. 13 - The Modern Moloch!


"If you're shaped like a potato, don't also have a small dick." -Walker Glenn 

It's the holiday season you maniacs!  Just in time for your long trip home from visiting your idiot families, it's a new episode of JayWalking to save you from the stresses, trials, and tribulations of the cold winter months!  So loosen your belt, pour yourself a spiked egg nog or a delicious hot toddie and get ready to JayWalk your way through another wacky hour of jibber-jabber!  In this episode, Walker needs to be taken down a notch from his recent rocket ride, a beloved retired segment from the past is resurrected to the shock of the nation, Jason challenges Ray-J to a kickboxing match, and as always, Jason and Walker review recent scientific literature with their unblinking refusal to ever shy away from the frank discussion of male sexuality.  (Frankly it's a little more frank than usual!  (To be totally Frank, it's goddamn disgusting))


(Comments, questions to jaywalkingpodcast@gmail.com)
(Important links for this ep include friends of jaywalking, this podcastthis you tube videothis scientific study, friends of jaywalking at  this blog, and friends of jaywalking BOAT)
(some names have been changed to protect the innocent)
(this musical project and this musical project are also mentioned and are both amazing.  as always, frequently check sneal)  

Whiskey Roots - Episode 1!


Jason attemps to cover two melancholy tunes that are dear to his heart: Car's Can't Escape and Touched Something's Hollow. How badly does he botch them? You'll have to listen (or even watch to find out! (compare against this and this)

Today's Whiskey is Buffalo Trace.

Efficiency Gruel!


In a rare video episode, Jason rebuts Walker's recent claim that he consumes a flavorless 'efficiency gruel' by informing listeners how to make delicious Chia Seed coconut chocolate mousse themselves.  Listeners are encouraged to try to recipe for themselves and send in the results!  Also, in response to several listeners concerns: Jason is 'O K'.

Stay tuned for new eps coming soon, and as always, keep those comments coming to jaywalkingpodcast@gmail.com!)

(full sized version of the instructional video can be viewed/downloaded here : https://vimeo.com/57755344)

Watch Now:

2013: A Kitten In Every Basket: Year Of The Kitten


Time to wake up, idiots! 2012 has come and gone and the world is still spinning! The apocalypse has been postponed and modern life barrels ever onward- and there's only two people who can make sense of it all: Jason and Walker! In their first podcast of the new year, Jason and Walker talk about the future... by looking into the past! Time to wrap up 2012 and dominate 2013!

IN THIS EPISODE: -Jason opts out of New Years Resolutions and IN to New Years Slogans! -Jason and Walker reveal the truth about their trip to the Bonnaroo festival! -Walker reveals too much about himself in JayWalking's least popular segment, "Walker's Body!" -Jason and Walker talk about manliness and fatherhood -Wife-Of-The-Show Dorothea Amesbury Glenn cooks a shepard's pie!




sccccreeeeeeeeee Ka-buh-BLOOOOM!!!!  Jaywalking is Back!  Don't call it a come back though!  Oo go ahead and call it that, it's fine either way, as long as you listen to part one of this epic two part return to form, wherein Jason and Walker discuss many things which are now past.  Plans for summer trips, failed improv characters (wherein Jason fails to yes-and or no-but Walker's fiction but rather no-and-here's-why-not's it), and an amazing story of the Faulknerian reality of Grassy Valley some how escaping it's confines and inflicting itself on parts of the real universe!  http://www.numberguru.com/530-205-9


Avengers BonuSode!!!


Walker and Jason sneak attack out of the ether with their most topical episode ever (and not their normal topical wheelhouse of 5 years stale pop culture) : the Avengers!  Walker began by raining on Jason's latest Marvel-whendonverse parade with a torrent of pessimism so vicious that even the MC Bat Commander would have to pull out his Devo-esque anti-negativty helmut to endure the onslaught.  However, Jason holds fast with a hurricane of reason!  Will Walker ultimately capitulate and go see the movie Jason's calling ' the movie Walker would like of the summer'?  or will his pride stop him from having a good ole fashioned fun time at the movies?  Only by listening to this bonusode will you discover the answer!


Closing music: ColdFusion, by Hybrid Dysgenesis.  the ultimate summer song with a rock shuffle, a rip roarin' solo and a trip to space to boot.  All about the saddest law of thermodynamics: the second law.

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