2013: A Kitten In Every Basket: Year Of The Kitten


Time to wake up, idiots! 2012 has come and gone and the world is still spinning! The apocalypse has been postponed and modern life barrels ever onward- and there's only two people who can make sense of it all: Jason and Walker! In their first podcast of the new year, Jason and Walker talk about the future... by looking into the past! Time to wrap up 2012 and dominate 2013!

IN THIS EPISODE: -Jason opts out of New Years Resolutions and IN to New Years Slogans! -Jason and Walker reveal the truth about their trip to the Bonnaroo festival! -Walker reveals too much about himself in JayWalking's least popular segment, "Walker's Body!" -Jason and Walker talk about manliness and fatherhood -Wife-Of-The-Show Dorothea Amesbury Glenn cooks a shepard's pie!


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