Whiskey Roots - Episode 7: Back to (sad) Basics!


Performing a rare whiskey roots redux, Jason pays tribute to the embarrassing episode 1 of Whiskey Roots with this rendition of Of Montreal's Touched Somethings Hollow, recorded back when the sweet sounding wurli was still in his apartment! As non-fan of the show Michael C wisely opined while repossessing it, 'No one can hold onto the sweet sound forever'. I think he also may have said you have to make the most of it while you have it, but I may be making that up.

Whiskey: i think it was actually more box wine.
Scarf knitted by friend of the show Lourdes M.
Cardigan provided by friend of the show Ben B.

video here: https://youtu.be/5cARRDrrQMY




The Return of JayDotting!!!


You guys are gonna go out of your goddamn minds! - Jason V

You'll be dead! - Dot

Since it's inception the fans have been murderously ravenous for a second installment of the insanely popular JAYDOTTING.  And now they're getting their wish!!! Strap in as Jason and Dot JayDot such topics as:
  • kids!
  • the airing of grievances! 
  • Dot's student debt!
  • the correct rate to have children!
  • P.C.P. (pop culture picks)
  • crossword puzzle 
  • and so much more!!!
Pour yourself a glass of chard, put on an episode of Housewives, mute it, and get ready for JAYDOTTING!!!


Moving Right Along Part 2!!!


Right on the heels of part 1 ... part 2!!!  The conclusion of this return-to-form-tour-de-force-soup-du-jour includes:

  • Walker's hip hop career
  • Jason exploiting his sports illiteracy in social situations
  • A challenge issued to Robert De Niro
  • Jason's ice bucket challenge [topical] 
  • California accents
get ready, get set, JAYWALK!!!

I am not contrarian! - Jason V


Moving Right Along Part 1!!!


click-click-click-click-softer click-menacing click-BOOM!!!!! JAYWALKING IS BACK!  The boys have been playing the long con the whole time!  Although maybe not a con per se, but the point is this ep will get you right back in the world you've been missing for low these many moons.  It starts blue, gets bluer, and before you know it you'll have made stops at a hot cartoon dog, a moment in Phishstory, a bath debate and SO MUCH MORE!

Sometimes there's a hot, cartoon dog. - Walker Glenn

Exit Music - Moving Right Along
Music: Walker Glenn and Jason V
Guitar: Walker Glenn
Mandolin: Jason V


Whiskey Roots - Episode 6: Descent into Madness



Whiskey Roots comes screaming back onto the scene as Jason captures a rendition of Chet Baker's 'Blue Room' live at the west Oakland Bart station.  For my money this ep is less melancholy and more ... let's say desperate. But it's a great little bit of natural audio.
Whiskey: Who even knows
Compare against: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TZtwexOeC8
Whiskey Roots Update: Special thanks to the fans is in order as currently if you google 'whiskey roots' this web series is among the top video results! Keep those views/shares/likes coming!

Whiskey Roots - Episode 5: Total Request Episode!!!


In move people are calling 'unpredictable', 'a total black swan', and even 'hypocritical', Jason covers a Cat Stevens song, despite being a huge non-fan of such classics as Peace Train and often mocking that one about not being able to keep your love in.  However, as is the policy of Whiskey Roots, if any quantity of Whiskey is donated to the podcast, you are guaranteed a request of your choice (and phatty segue-way of the host's choice)!!! 

Whiskey: Basal Hayden
Donation by: JayWalking non-fan Courtney G.

Whiskey Roots Update:  Special thanks to the fans is in order as currently if you google 'whiskey roots' this web series is among the top video results!  Keep those views/shares/likes coming!

Compare: jason against : cat

Whiskey Roots - Minisode!!!


Jason channels Paul Newman. Is it just me or are these getting sadder?

[compare: jason against paul

and for god's sake watch Cool Hand Luke!]

Whiskey Roots - Episode 4: Wine Roots!!!



In an unprecedented and unbelievable development, Whiskey Roots temporarily becomes WINE ROOTS while Jason drinks some wine from the South Island of New Zealand and informs listeners that his exit talk has been rescheduled.  Many thanks to all who were planning to come, and he promises to work his ass off all summer to make it the best talk you've ever fallen asleep during when it finally happens.  In the mean time, enjoy this horrible version of the beautiful and pithy short, So Much Wine.  Compare jason against jeff. Also, don't bother Jason about the amount of reverb.  It helps.

Wine: Pickton Bay, 2013, South Island, Pinot Noir

Overstanding Elder Doug


The podcast you didn't know was your favorite is BACK! Jason and Walker sit down to catch up for the first time in awhile. Beginning the proceedings with dueling Michael Caine voices, Jason and Walker quickly get down to business and tackle some REAL ISSUES. In this episode:

-Length VS Girth, discussed!

-Jason tries to get Walker's son to believe HE is his father!

-Walker's religious upbringing is discussed and mocked!

-A beloved segment returns to the show!

-Jason is worried!

-Walker might be sexist!

-And most importantly, JayWalking's patented refusal to shy away from the frank discussion of male sexuality!

...bonus: a lengthy discussion about the rasta slang word "overstand". (Spoiler: Jason and Walker do not overstand). 

Get on our level, listeners, or get left in the past.




At long last, the exciting conclusion of the amazing trilogy: JayDotting - Best of JayWalking 2012!!!

In this episode, you'll hear not only the final two clips of the top ten JayWalking clips of 2012, but also Dot's opinion of Walker's notoriously flat butt, Jason's extensive outline for a 5 books arc about Aunt May (do not steal this idea), and Dot's desire to have an old school fan she can whip out whenever she uses her rapier wit to get someone with a sweet burn! (this desire is still considered to be inexplicable)

Who knows when Dot will return to the studio to strap on the cans again?  Experts estimate it to be nearly as unlikely as an S-type asteroid coming within 10,000 miles of the earth.  That is to say, it's rare!  Therefore, sit back, strap in, and get ready for an historic and wild ride ... it's JAY DOTTING!  

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