The Return of JayDotting!!!


You guys are gonna go out of your goddamn minds! - Jason V

You'll be dead! - Dot

Since it's inception the fans have been murderously ravenous for a second installment of the insanely popular JAYDOTTING.  And now they're getting their wish!!! Strap in as Jason and Dot JayDot such topics as:
  • kids!
  • the airing of grievances! 
  • Dot's student debt!
  • the correct rate to have children!
  • P.C.P. (pop culture picks)
  • crossword puzzle 
  • and so much more!!!
Pour yourself a glass of chard, put on an episode of Housewives, mute it, and get ready for JAYDOTTING!!!


Moving Right Along Part 2!!!


Right on the heels of part 1 ... part 2!!!  The conclusion of this return-to-form-tour-de-force-soup-du-jour includes:

  • Walker's hip hop career
  • Jason exploiting his sports illiteracy in social situations
  • A challenge issued to Robert De Niro
  • Jason's ice bucket challenge [topical] 
  • California accents
get ready, get set, JAYWALK!!!

I am not contrarian! - Jason V


Moving Right Along Part 1!!!


click-click-click-click-softer click-menacing click-BOOM!!!!! JAYWALKING IS BACK!  The boys have been playing the long con the whole time!  Although maybe not a con per se, but the point is this ep will get you right back in the world you've been missing for low these many moons.  It starts blue, gets bluer, and before you know it you'll have made stops at a hot cartoon dog, a moment in Phishstory, a bath debate and SO MUCH MORE!

Sometimes there's a hot, cartoon dog. - Walker Glenn

Exit Music - Moving Right Along
Music: Walker Glenn and Jason V
Guitar: Walker Glenn
Mandolin: Jason V



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