Whiskey Roots - Episode 5: Total Request Episode!!!


In move people are calling 'unpredictable', 'a total black swan', and even 'hypocritical', Jason covers a Cat Stevens song, despite being a huge non-fan of such classics as Peace Train and often mocking that one about not being able to keep your love in.  However, as is the policy of Whiskey Roots, if any quantity of Whiskey is donated to the podcast, you are guaranteed a request of your choice (and phatty segue-way of the host's choice)!!! 

Whiskey: Basal Hayden
Donation by: JayWalking non-fan Courtney G.

Whiskey Roots Update:  Special thanks to the fans is in order as currently if you google 'whiskey roots' this web series is among the top video results!  Keep those views/shares/likes coming!

Compare: jason against : cat

Whiskey Roots - Minisode!!!


Jason channels Paul Newman. Is it just me or are these getting sadder?

[compare: jason against paul

and for god's sake watch Cool Hand Luke!]


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