Overstanding Elder Doug


The podcast you didn't know was your favorite is BACK! Jason and Walker sit down to catch up for the first time in awhile. Beginning the proceedings with dueling Michael Caine voices, Jason and Walker quickly get down to business and tackle some REAL ISSUES. In this episode:

-Length VS Girth, discussed!

-Jason tries to get Walker's son to believe HE is his father!

-Walker's religious upbringing is discussed and mocked!

-A beloved segment returns to the show!

-Jason is worried!

-Walker might be sexist!

-And most importantly, JayWalking's patented refusal to shy away from the frank discussion of male sexuality!

...bonus: a lengthy discussion about the rasta slang word "overstand". (Spoiler: Jason and Walker do not overstand). 

Get on our level, listeners, or get left in the past.



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