At long last, the exciting conclusion of the amazing trilogy: JayDotting - Best of JayWalking 2012!!!

In this episode, you'll hear not only the final two clips of the top ten JayWalking clips of 2012, but also Dot's opinion of Walker's notoriously flat butt, Jason's extensive outline for a 5 books arc about Aunt May (do not steal this idea), and Dot's desire to have an old school fan she can whip out whenever she uses her rapier wit to get someone with a sweet burn! (this desire is still considered to be inexplicable)

Who knows when Dot will return to the studio to strap on the cans again?  Experts estimate it to be nearly as unlikely as an S-type asteroid coming within 10,000 miles of the earth.  That is to say, it's rare!  Therefore, sit back, strap in, and get ready for an historic and wild ride ... it's JAY DOTTING!  


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