Whiskey Roots - Episode 3!


To tide you over until the third episode of JayDotting Best of 2012 is released, we've got a very special Whiskey Roots ..... WALKER EDITION!  True to form, Walker couldn't stand Jason having the spotlight for even one damn second!  He put together an amazing rendition of Wasting My Time by Harry Nilsson, pounded some Bulleit Bourbon, and CLAIMED TO HAVE INVENTED WHISKEY ROOTS!!!

Outrageous claims aside, this is an amazing interpretation of Wasting My Time, including a masterful mouth horn solo.  Strap in and enjoy!  (Watch the performance here and compare against here)

Today's whiskey is: bulleit bourbon.
Camera work by V.



HILARIOUS! CONFESSIONAL! DISGUSTING! BANAL! - the onion av club on JayDotting best of 2012 Part Two

Listeners get ready: it's the episode you've been waiting for with baited breath ... part two of the now THREE PART best of JayDotting best of 2012 countdown!!!! 

Indulge your craving for more of Dot's sweet pontifications about JayWalking clips from days past!  After a slow dumb burn about animals, we jump right into listener favorite would-pids, bro-code, change-ups, and further deconstruct Jason's narcissistic selfie. 

You didn't pay for the whole seat to this show but you'll only need to have not paid for the edge!


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