Whiskey Roots - Episode 2!


Just in time for the new year, it's another episode of whiskey roots!  2013 has had it's ups and downs, and as it's end nears we consider the nearing of ends.  Bury your face in your hands and celebrate and lament all your sins and failures ... Jason style!  Put aside Walker's beef with her and enjoy this achingly beautiful tune (On a Good Day) by Joanna Newsome, brought to the attention of the podcast by non-listener Chloe F!  

Today's whiskey is Candian Club.

Today's episode was recorded while drunk and melancholy.

Watch the performance here and compare against here!



Ladies and gentlemen nothing like this has ever happened in JayWalking history!!! Just in time for the holiday season (and a great travel aide for all the time you'll be spending on planes, trains, and with your dumb families) comes the FIRST EVER EPISODE OF JAYDOTTING!!!!  

Listen is shocked amazement as we finally hear more from the heretofore elusive 'Dot' character! Lend your ear to her take on everything from the right amount of manscaping to which pids she would!  This incredible content is merely PART ONE of the TWO PART HOLIDAY EPIC!!!

Walker is put is his place!  Jason attempts to justify his shirtless selfie!  Dot has the last word on all issues!  Listen upon her works and despair .... JAYDOTTING!


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