JayWalking Ep. 13 - The Modern Moloch!


"If you're shaped like a potato, don't also have a small dick." -Walker Glenn 

It's the holiday season you maniacs!  Just in time for your long trip home from visiting your idiot families, it's a new episode of JayWalking to save you from the stresses, trials, and tribulations of the cold winter months!  So loosen your belt, pour yourself a spiked egg nog or a delicious hot toddie and get ready to JayWalk your way through another wacky hour of jibber-jabber!  In this episode, Walker needs to be taken down a notch from his recent rocket ride, a beloved retired segment from the past is resurrected to the shock of the nation, Jason challenges Ray-J to a kickboxing match, and as always, Jason and Walker review recent scientific literature with their unblinking refusal to ever shy away from the frank discussion of male sexuality.  (Frankly it's a little more frank than usual!  (To be totally Frank, it's goddamn disgusting))


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Whiskey Roots - Episode 1!


Jason attemps to cover two melancholy tunes that are dear to his heart: Car's Can't Escape and Touched Something's Hollow. How badly does he botch them? You'll have to listen (or even watch to find out! (compare against this and this)

Today's Whiskey is Buffalo Trace.


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