Avengers BonuSode!!!


Walker and Jason sneak attack out of the ether with their most topical episode ever (and not their normal topical wheelhouse of 5 years stale pop culture) : the Avengers!  Walker began by raining on Jason's latest Marvel-whendonverse parade with a torrent of pessimism so vicious that even the MC Bat Commander would have to pull out his Devo-esque anti-negativty helmut to endure the onslaught.  However, Jason holds fast with a hurricane of reason!  Will Walker ultimately capitulate and go see the movie Jason's calling ' the movie Walker would like of the summer'?  or will his pride stop him from having a good ole fashioned fun time at the movies?  Only by listening to this bonusode will you discover the answer!


Closing music: ColdFusion, by Hybrid Dysgenesis.  the ultimate summer song with a rock shuffle, a rip roarin' solo and a trip to space to boot.  All about the saddest law of thermodynamics: the second law.


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