JayWalking Ep. 5:


Jason and Walker return with heads held high in Episode 5, having made good on their promise to attempt to conform to a bi-weekly schedule!

In this episode Jason and Walker take a trip to the rural community of Rough and Ready, and learn about the fickle secession of the once-great-Republic. Also featured is a particularly saucy edition of Kardashian Korner, wherein the Kim Kardashian sex tape is reviewed (at last!) AND a brand new segment called The GChat GSpot!

As an added bonus, fans who have wondered if Jason and Walker eat food will actually get to hear Jason eating a tofu sandwich, and give a detailed description of said sandwich! Listen below, and/or subscribe to us on itunes (use the 'subscribe on iTunes' button)

JayWalking Ep. 5: "Fuego!" by JayWalking

(note, the above link is vestigial , but we'll try to keep the old blogger site up and updated for while too)


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