JayWalking Ep. 4:


Update! : many users have suggested that the single biggest improvement that could be made to Jaywalking would be to make it downloadable directly to iTunes and recognizable as a podcast, facilitating both the 30 second rewind feature and the ability to pause and restart the podcast at the same place.  Both features are accessible thusly : 1.  go to our podbean page https://jaywalkingpodcast.podbean.com/

2. click on the 'subscribe in iTunes' button on the lower right.

3. if any other boxes pop up, click 'yes' or 'launch application' or whatever

Voila!  Jason and Walker will Jaywalking right into your iTunes!

Since what is now known as The Original JayWalking Trilogy came to a close, fans and detractors alike have been asking themselves "What's next for ol' Jason and Walker?"

One need look no further for the answer. Jason and Walker are back up to their old tricks, but also inject some fresh life into the show with a new feature ("Twitter Tworner", in which Walker reads his own tweets without irony or shame). Fans of some of the more classic segments needn't worry either- this episode features a brand new segment of the much beloved "Would Pid" feature.

Jason and Walker stay on top of all current trends by discussing a book series everyone has already read, and a television show that has long since ceased airing. PLUS: The origin story of Jason and Walker's email address is finally revealed!! Stay tuned for another exciting JayWalking.

JayWalking Ep. 4: "Hufflepuffs In The City" by JayWalking


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