JayWalking Ep. 2:


Jason and Walker may have both been through hell and high-water since the now legendary first episode, but that won't stop them from sitting down for another round of self-congratulations. Today, with their sophmore release, they attempt to satisfy their listeners yearnings for their unique and humorous views on the issues facing them in such strange and modern times.  Subjects ranging from kitty cats, celebrity, and poliamery are "jaywalked". Jason accuses Walker of being a "hipster neck beard guy."

New original interlude music by Jason Vytlacil, Walker Glenn, and Wade Amesbury "Jeweldnyle" by Tony Cerame

JayWalking Ep. 2: "Nubbies" by JayWalking

(note, the above link is vestigial , but we'll try to keep the old blogger site up and updated for while too)

Ep 2 coming soon!


Episode 2 is in the can and is being editing as I post this.  To whet your appetites, here's a picture from the taping featuring Walker and Dot's new cat Otto!

And a Christmas picture of Jason with Coco to get you in the Christmas spirit!

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