JayWalking Inagural Ep!


The 1st Ep of the highly anticipated JayWalking podcast is finally available for streaming and download!  (download is achieved with the little  download button just below and to the right of the player).  Subscribe on iTunes by the 'subscribe to iTunes' button on the lower right).  Please address comments to jaywalkingpodcast@gmail.com and enjoy the free content you leeches!  Share (with the 'share this button) on facebook, tweet ... all that whatnot!

Jaywalking#1 by JayWalking

(note, the above link is vestigial , but we'll try to keep the old blogger site up and updated for while too)

JayWalking Inagural Ep coming soon!


Jaywalking, the podcast by us, for us, which is also about us (us being Jason and Walker) is coming soon!  We know the buzz about this ep has been hot and is nearing a fever pitch, but we're pretty sure the level of jibber jabber and back-and-forth in this initial offering will not disappoint.  This ep is down-loadable from the blog, or from iTunes.  Search for :

Jason and Walker Out!


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