Avengers BonuSode!!!


Walker and Jason sneak attack out of the ether with their most topical episode ever (and not their normal topical wheelhouse of 5 years stale pop culture) : the Avengers!  Walker began by raining on Jason's latest Marvel-whendonverse parade with a torrent of pessimism so vicious that even the MC Bat Commander would have to pull out his Devo-esque anti-negativty helmut to endure the onslaught.  However, Jason holds fast with a hurricane of reason!  Will Walker ultimately capitulate and go see the movie Jason's calling ' the movie Walker would like of the summer'?  or will his pride stop him from having a good ole fashioned fun time at the movies?  Only by listening to this bonusode will you discover the answer!


Closing music: ColdFusion, by Hybrid Dysgenesis.  the ultimate summer song with a rock shuffle, a rip roarin' solo and a trip to space to boot.  All about the saddest law of thermodynamics: the second law.


  • Brian B

    as being a person who has witnessed the avengers, walker would be wise to see it soon. it needs to be discussed, not so much as discussing depth or meaning, but the “wasn’t it cool when_____ did ____ to ______?” factor. also, totally forgot about the “wah wah wah wah ” vocal in “cold fusion”. a lot of quotation marks for one post. viva jaywalking podcast!

    May 10, 2012 at 2:02 am