Trash Life


Jaywalking bursts back onto the scene like the Kool Aid man smashing through a brick wall!  Leaping into action like a cheetah on a trampoline, Walker and Jason get straight back into the swing of things with a crazy long episode of an old segment we all know and love inspired by a mystery comedy genius superfan named Brian B!  Fighting through technical difficulties that would cause lesser men to just curl into a little ball and heave themselves into a despair pit.  Strap in and get ready for a return to winning ways ..... Jaywalking Fever .... Catch It!!!

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Note Well: This episode concludes with an pithy punk reflection on the mystery of the real, visceral, will to power.  Telekinetic was penned circa 2003 by Jason Vytlacil and is performed by Jason Vytlacil and Chris Reigstead.  It is being used now in honor of the release of the movie Chronicle, which Jason V thoroughly enjoyed.

Aniversarry Special : Part II !!!


Part two of that Two Parter!


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